Stay in Love with God

Greetings! Not long after my mom died, a friend sent me a silly yet profound story about two caterpillars. One day, these caterpillars are crawling along on the ground when a big beautiful butterfly soared by in the sunlight overhead, casting a shadow across the caterpillars’ path. Both looked up and saw the butterfly, and […]

Do Good

Greetings! If I am honest with you, the past couple of weeks haven’t been the easiest weeks in my life. I was forced to deal with a bunch of feelings and emotions that I was not expecting. I shared some of this with a friend this past week and was caught a little off guard […]

Do No Harm

Until recently, the only way to study how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly was to cut open the chrysalis or x-ray it—both with fatal results. But a recent issue of National Geographic reported on new micro-CT scans that show how metamorphosis takes place. Metamorphosis is a radical change in form and function. Many animals […]

Change in Attitude?

Greetings! Jimmy received a parrot for his birthday. This parrot was fully grown with a bad attitude and terrible vocabulary. Every other word was an expletive. Those that weren’t expletives were, to say the least, rude. Jimmy tried hard to change the bird’s attitude. He was constantly saying polite words and playing soft music; he […]


Greetings! I saw this story on the internet (so it has to be true, right?) about this retired guy in Florida who was a golf addict. According to the story, he played 5-6 times a week, rain or shine. It seems that the wife grew tired of being a golf widow, so she begged her […]

The Human Soul

On April 10, 1901, a somewhat bizarre experiment was conducted in Dorchester, Massachusetts. A scientist, by the name of Dr. Duncan MacDougall, set out to prove that the human soul had mass and was measurable. The good doctor enlisted six dying patients as volunteers for the experiment. He placed the patients on specially-made scales and […]

Hole In One?

Greetings! There was this preacher who was an avid golfer. Every chance he could get, he could be found on the golf course swinging away. It was an obsession. One particular Sunday was a picture perfect day for golfing. The sun was shining, no clouds were in the sky, and the temperature was just right. […]