Resurrection 2019

Like millions of others this past Sunday, I was captivated by The Masters golf tournament. To be honest, I almost always watch The Masters, but this year, I watched with a different level of interest and intensity. And the reason was simple: Tiger was on the leaderboard. His victory is probably one of the biggest […]

Holy Week 2019

In one sense, there’s nothing special about “Holy Week.” Really, it is just another eight days each spring and there is nothing intrinsically holy about Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. We have no mandate from Jesus or His apostles to mark these days for particular observance. As a pastor, I like to remind myself (and […]

Physical Touch

Last week, I left my office worn out, tired and in a very “down” mood. To be honest, I felt like crying. I wasn’t really that upset about anything that happened at work or elsewhere. My mood wasn’t about task and obligations.  No, after several weeks of burying myself in work and way too many […]

The Upcoming Departure of Jennifer Ogilvie

I am writing to inform you of another staff departure. Our Methodist Day School Director Jennifer Ogilvie will be exiting as Director of the MDS. Jennifer has helped shepherd our program for 22 years. Jennifer’s influence on the lives of young children and their faith in Christ cannot be understated. Whether it’s greeting families at carpool, mentoring MDS staff […]


I am not sure how many emails like this I have written over the years. Unfortunately, there has been too many. As I watched the news come out of Christchurch, New Zealand over the weekend, my heart broke. I have learned in times like these, that all of life is a mystery. I wish I […]

Quality Time

A man came home from work late one night. He walked in the door and his 5-year-old son was waiting for him. “Daddy, may I ask you a question??” The dad sighed and said, “Yeah, what is it??” “How much do you make an hour??” The dad was not happy with the question and snapped […]

Upcoming Departure of Matt Robinson

As your Senior Pastor, it saddens me to make you aware of the upcoming departure of Matt Robinson. He has served as our Director of Fine Arts for sixteen years as well as our Communications Coordinator for the past seven years. Matt has been offered the opportunity to join the staff at Kingwood United Methodist […]