The Lord’s Prayer

Vincent Furnier has been called the godfather of shock-rock, mixing elements of horror movies into acts that have included a disturbing collection of guillotines, fake blood, baby dolls and boa constrictors. Both his father and grandfather were pastors and evangelists. He grew up in the church and, as a kid, thought church was fun. When […]

It’s Hard to Be Perfect

Since 1880, only 23 pitchers have done it. Only 23 men have pitched a perfect game. A perfect game is when there are 27 men up and 27 men out with none of them reaching base. But truthfully that number should be 24 men who have pitched a perfect game. On the night of June […]

TO THE CONGREGATION: Hey, Do Me a Favor . . .

When I was serving Wesley United Methodist Church in Beaumont, the staff loved going to a Chinese restaurant that was unlike any other I had ever experienced. The restaurant had a long buffet in the center of the dining area. One side of the buffet was filled with all the traditional Chinese buffet food. If […]

The Revolution Starts Here

Shortly after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Jackie Kennedy described her husband’s presidency as an American Camelot, a period of hope and optimism. And for many Americans, that hope and optimism had been shattered. People, particularly young people, were hungry to latch on to something. So, when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show […]


I have never liked running. In fact, I don’t like to run unless someone is chasing me. In fact, I have a theory that helps me justify my lack of desire to run. What if God only gives you a certain number of heartbeats for your entire lifetime; why use up a bunch of them […]

Do Not Be Afraid

(Watch Rev. Marty Vershel’s Christmas Eve invite to FUMCMC.ORG) In the Christmas story found in the Gospel of Luke, there is one line that I think is at the very heart of the message of Christmas. We hear it when the angels first appear to the shepherds; these are the first words spoken after the […]

Game of Thrones: King of Kings

At 5:02 on the evening of January 26, 1967, it began to snow in Chicago, and it kept on snowing until 10:10 the next morning.  In those seventeen hours, a record 23 inches of snow fell on the city and its suburbs.  Among the many effects of the blizzard, one was the impression it left […]