The Restless Soul

Somewhere I read that as many as 10 percent of Americans, some 30 million people, suffer from some form of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Its many causes include chronic diseases, sleep deprivation, and alcohol use; there are also many who believe that stress is an underlying factor. And while there are no numbers available, I […]

How is it with your soul?

Many people believe that John Wesley started a church. But that is not exactly true. Instead of starting a church, John Wesley, along with others began a movement. At the very foundation of this movement were small groups, (Wesley called them classes). And central to these classes was the question that would be asked each […]

God’s Silence

It is a place I don’t like being, but I find myself there often. It is a lonely place; it is a scary place. Maybe you have been in that place, too. Who knows, perhaps you are living in that place today. You’ve trudged up a lonely mountain, sat cross-legged for five hours with a […]

Well, he was like Tuck!

Greetings! I read a story about a young man who died in a tragic motorcycle accident. His mother made an unusual decision. She arranged for the wrecked Harley Davidson bike to be buried alongside her son. In response to a reporter’s question, she sobbed, “It was his whole life.” What if that burial practice was […]

You Can’t Go It Alone

In a sermon, I shared that I was struggling with the father-of-the-groom rehearsal dinner toast. A number of you have asked about the toast, so here is an excerpt for you to read. I hope you find some nugget that will inspire you and move you closer to the God of grace that I love.   “Zach, […]

Falls Hurt

I had not been on my bike for quite a few weeks, so I was looking forward to a good ride on Saturday morning. Maybe it is the feeling of freedom or the wind in my face, but for some reason, the stresses of life seem to disappear for those few moments I am riding […]

Fourth of July 2019

When my grandfather was about 12 years old, he left his family in Italy and sailed around the world. I remember sitting on his knee and hearing stories, in very broken English, of his adventures aboard the ship. I guess it was on one of those trips that he heard of America, the Land of Opportunity. For […]