You Can’t Go It Alone

In a sermon, I shared that I was struggling with the father-of-the-groom rehearsal dinner toast. A number of you have asked about the toast, so here is an excerpt for you to read. I hope you find some nugget that will inspire you and move you closer to the God of grace that I love.  

Zach & Hannah #2

“Zach, I am supposed to give you words of wisdom from a dad. But you already know what I would tell you, and those things are just between you and me. I am also supposed to talk about what you mean to me as my son. Again, you know how I feel, and I would like that to stay between us. But never forget that you will always be my #1 #2 son.

“Zach Attack, Pizza boy, P’lo, Sugar bear, it seems like only yesterday we were teaching you to walk. Tomorrow, I will be watching you walk away from me toward your new life with Hannah. And I am sure that I will be thinking the words of my favorite Kenny Chesney song, “There goes my life…” But I know that as you take this walk, you have an incredible young lady to walk beside you.

“Zach, you might not remember, but a couple of years ago, we gave both Connor and you a book written by Admiral William McRaven called MAKE YOUR BED. I won’t embarrass you and ask if you read it, but if you did, maybe you remember the main idea of the book. Admiral McRaven shares ten lessons he learned from his Navy Seal training; 10 lessons that you can follow so you can change the world. The 1st lesson is simple: If you want to change the world, then begin each day by making your bed.

“Hannah, I cannot promise you that he read that chapter or that he will ever make the bed, but I know that Zach has learned the 2nd lesson the Admiral learned: YOU CAN’T GO IT ALONE. He states that if you want to change the world, you need to find someone to help you paddle. You cannot paddle the boat alone. Find someone to share your life with.

“Zach and Hannah, you have found each other, and now you guys are paddling together. You are a team! Individually, you guys are amazing. But together, well, you are the best of the best of the best; you are unbeatable, and I believe you will change the world.”

Breathe Peace,

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