World Communion Sunday


On Monday nights, Guy Fieri takes us on a road trip to all the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives across the land that serve great food, at great prices, but without the frills. Jill and I love not only watching the show, but we love checking out as many of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that we can. In fact, before any trip we take, we check the DDD app to see what places we might be able to experience. The Food Network, which carries Guy’s show, exists because people (like Jill and me) like to not just eat but to have an adventure.

What makes DDD such a fun show is that Guy shows ordinary people the places we can go to eat extraordinary meals at affordable prices. Recently I saw a list of meals that are probably fantastic but will never make our list of places to visit. For example, as much as I love hot dogs, I am not sure I will ever try The Ultra-Dog. You can get this hot dog at The Capital Dawg in Sacramento for a mere $145.99. Nor will I be ordering a white truffle bagel from the Westin Hotel in New York City for $1,000. I love eating at Ray Sewell’s Denny’s, but will probably never visit Norma’s in New York City to try their $1,000 omelet.

This Sunday, we won’t be visiting any DDD places but we will be invited to experience an adventure around a Table. We will celebrate World Communion Sunday, which is a time of remembering that around the globe, in different languages, with different traditions and customs, and in various forms of liturgy, the Lord’s Supper is celebrated by all Jesus followers. World Communion Sunday should be a time of Christian unity, marked by our shared celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Jesus instituted the first such meal, and World Communion Sunday is a helpful way in which Christ calls us back together to celebrate the liturgy “in remembrance of me.”

I invite you as we prepare to Dance Around The Table, to join me in a simple prayer:

God, we confess fumblings and failures in accomplishing unity, as we set aside yet another day to remind ourselves of the task. On this World Communion Sunday, give us eyes to recognize your reflection in the eyes of Christians everywhere. Give us a mind to accept and celebrate our differences. Give us a heart big enough to love your children everywhere. We thank you for setting a table with space enough for us all! Amen.

Breathe Peace,

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