Water, Part 1


Bobby Bouchet (boo-shay) is the awkwardly shy water-boy for the local college football team. Since he is a 31-year-old, technically he is the awkwardly shy water-man for the local college football team. According to Bobby, the water he shares with the team wasn’t ordinary everyday water; it is “high quality H2O.”

High Quality H2O is something that I (and probably many Americans) take for granted. Most of us don’t think twice about the cleanliness of our drinking water.  And I am willing to bet few of us think much about having a toilet readily available or the privilege of taking a shower. Let’s face it, we are fortunate to have easy access to clean, safe, high-quality H2O.

But this luxury is not available to every child of God. In fact, about 663 million people are presently living without access to safe water; which translates to about 1 in 10 people who are not getting even close to having clean, safe, high-quality H2O. Those numbers are staggering to me.  But they pale in comparison to the fact that 2.4 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation. And 1 in 3 people lack access to something as simple as a toilet.

LVING-WATERS-WELLIt must break God’s heart that every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. And 1 million adults are killed each year by water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases. There is a water crisis in our world which is causing a health crisis. But this is not just a health crisis; it is also an education crisis. Children are not able to receive an adequate education because one-third of all schools lack access to safe water and adequate sanitation. Oh yeah, did I mention the number of hours of school missed because it is often the children who are responsible for collecting water for the family.

There are more numbers and statistics I could give you; but I think you get an idea of the magnitude of the water crisis. But there is good news! This is a crisis that we can eliminate. And the children of First United Methodist Church have committed to be part of the solution! The monies collected through the “robot contest” will be donated to Living Water International, an organization committed to providing access to clean, safe, high-quality H2O.

I hope you will “cast your vote” and join the fight to end the water crisis. The polls to choose the best robot close at noon on Sunday! Vote early and vote often!

Breathe Peace,

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