Wait ‘Til Next Year


Back in 1945, a man by the name of William “Billy Goat” Sianis attempted to bring a goat named, Murphy, to Wrigley Field during Game 4 of the World Series. Since there were no signs at Wrigley prohibiting animals in the ballpark, Mr. Sianis figured that as long as the goat had a ticket, no one would have a problem with the goat being at the game.

GOATFor most of the game, everything seemed okay. But, that would all change when P.K. Wrigley, the Cubs’ owner, decided that the Sianis and the goat needed to be ushered out of the ballpark. The reason was “because the goat stinks.” As Sianis left, he proclaimed, “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more. The Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.” After the Cubs lost the Series to the Tigers in seven games, Sianis sent a telegram to Wrigley that said “Who Stinks Now?” And with that the curse was born…

Years later, newly hired manager, Dusty Baker, was bombarded with questions regarding the curse and the Cubs long history of losing. He answered the questions with questions of his own, “Why not us? Why not now? Why not here?”

Centuries before the Cubbies curse began, a Jewish prophet spoke to God on behalf of his people who understood what it meant to feel “cursed.” The prophet Habakkuk had watched his people invaded, defeated and hauled off to foreign land. And so, this prophet bombarded God with question after question after question. Why us? Why now? Why here? Habakkuk confronted God but, for the longest time, God remained silent. When God did answer Habakkuk, the prophet did not get the answer he expected or wanted, “WAIT!”

Habakkuk’s name means, “to embrace,” which is what God told the prophet to do. Habakkuk heard that he was to embrace or accept things that he might not like and could not change. Are you stuck in a situation where you feel “cursed”? Are you are in a place where God seems to be asking you to embrace a situation that is far from ideal? Maybe we can learn something about waiting from the Cubs and from the prophet Habakkuk . . .

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