Upon This Rock

Upon This Rock - 2

“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”

Some people might argue George Bernard Shaw was wrong when he wrote these words but I see it differently. If you look back through history, you discover that the explorers, inventors and the scientists who made great breakthroughs, were unreasonable people. Had they been reasonable, they would have accepted the world as it was, they wouldn’t have questioned what was seen as being the way things were by everyone else.

I am pretty sure that Mr. Shaw did not write these words with the church in mind, but I have come to believe that when God built His Church, He counted on the unreasonable people. These were folks who wouldn’t adapt to the world but proclaimed a way of life that didn’t always fit with the way of the world.

We know the names and stories of some of the unreasonable people Jesus chose to begin His movement. We have heard sermons and Sunday School lessons about Mary, Peter, John and Paul. But most of us have probably never heard of Epaphras, Onesimus, Archippus or Nympha?

As we begin 2016 and the Re-Launch of First United Methodist Church Missouri City, maybe we can learn some lessons from these unreasonable people used by God. And who knows, maybe you and I might decide that we too might become unreasonable…

One day, Jesus proclaimed that “Upon This Rock” He will build His Church. That day He was talking to Peter but what if today He is proclaiming the same words to us. Maybe today it is you, it is me, that Jesus calls the rock and upon you and me He will build His Church.

Breathe Peace,

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