Upcoming Departure of Matt Robinson


As your Senior Pastor, it saddens me to make you aware of the upcoming departure of Matt Robinson. He has served as our Director of Fine Arts for sixteen years as well as our Communications Coordinator for the past seven years. Matt has been offered the opportunity to join the staff at Kingwood United Methodist Church as their Director of Music Ministries. His last Sunday at FUMCMC will be April 28, 2019. Your Staff-Parish Relations Team and Melissa Burnham are preparing a farewell event for later that afternoon. More details about this event will be available soon as well as how we will move forward filling a staff vacancy. For now, we wish Matt and Rhonda the best as they transition to a new place of ministry in May.

Breathe Peace,

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Matt’s Resignation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

MATT HEADSHOTIt is with very mixed emotions that I write you this letter. Recently, I have been involved with a search at another local church to join their staff as Director of Music Ministries. Following several interviews and conducting auditions, I’ve come to the end of the process. And so, I take this opportunity to inform you that I have accepted a new position at Kingwood United Methodist Church. I begin there on May 1, 2019.

My heart is very heavy.  When I began here almost 16 years ago, I encountered a church that was both musically excellent and served the community of Missouri City with an amazing message of grace through Jesus Christ. Through the guidance of Richard and Melissa Burnham, I learned much about what it means to do ministry in the greater Houston area.  Rhonda and I were welcomed with open arms and were instantly connected to people who will remain our friends for the rest of our lives. This church raised and loved our family and put them on the most secure of footings as my boys moved into military service.

It has truly been my joy to lead the arts ministry at this church. I feel that our choirs have accomplished so much and it is through their amazing, God-given talents that we have been able to make a difference in this community. We’ve laughed, cried and made music together. Our friendship is deep and wide.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing staff over the years. The current group of staff members are wonderful, talented and supportive. I’ve offered many thanks to God as these people have worked hard for the kingdom and it has truly been an honor to work alongside them.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with three different senior pastors — Richard Burnham, Lynne Settlemyre and Marty Vershel. While we haven’t always agreed on the way forward, we have discussed and debated in love and grace. Each one has played a role in helping me grow as a team member and a person of faith. In particular, I mention Marty Vershel. Marty is intelligent and electric as a leader of people. I’ve learned much from him. I don’t have a brother but if I did, Marty would be the one I would hope for.

My success at this level has hinged on my most-favored colleague in ministry — Melissa Burnham. I would not have come here sixteen years ago had it not been for her and Richard’s efforts. And, I would nary have stayed this long had it not been for Melissa’s ability to find the sublime in text and song. She is an artist of the highest caliber. She is a significant asset to the church and someone for whom friendship means all the world..

To all at this church, I sing “Soli Deo Gloria” and I will be watching this church from afar with the fondest of memories.



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