“Top Six” books that have shaped my theology and my faith


A few years ago, a friend asked me to compile a list of the books that anyone who wanted to grow in their faith should read. It wasn’t easy, but I finally made my “Top Ten” list for him. I hadn’t thought much about that list until a few months ago while having breakfast with Richard Burnham.

During our conversation, Richard and I began talking about books that have shaped our faith and our theology. Out of that conversation, the Family Faith Lenten study was born. I spent quite a bit of time looking through my library and developed a new and improved “Top Ten” list of books that have shaped my theology and my faith. But since there are only 6 Tuesdays in Lent, I had to whittle the list down to a new “Top Six” list.

In doing so, I also came up with a couple of guidelines I need to follow.

· I could not use an author more than once.

· I tried to choose books that might not be “top sellers” or widely read.

· I wanted to share the books that have also shaped my approach to preaching.

· Finally, I tried to choose books that would be “easy” reads. So, with those rules in place here is my Top Six books:

· The Furious Longing of God (March 3rd) Brennan Manning

· Blue Like Jazz (March 10th) Don Miller

· What’s So Amazing About Grace (March 17th) Phillip Yancey

· Life Together (March 24th) Dietrich Bonhoeffer

· Velvet Elvis (March 31st) Rob Bell

· Baseball as a Road to God (April 7th) John Sexton

I hope you will join us each Tuesday night during Lent to learn more about each book! We will have a few of each book available for purchase. And remember, reading the book is NOT necessary to come to class!!

Breathe Peace,

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