The Upcoming Departure of Jennifer Ogilvie

I am writing to inform you of another staff departure. Our Methodist Day School Director Jennifer Ogilvie will be exiting as Director of the MDS. Jennifer has helped shepherd our program for 22 years. Jennifer’s influence on the lives of young children and their faith in Christ cannot be understated. Whether it’s greeting families at carpool, mentoring MDS staff or hugging a child at the end of the day, Jennifer’s steady hand has made the MDS one of the premier schools for young children in the greater Houston area. She and her husband Jim also spent countless years as counselors in our youth ministries, impacting a whole generation of students. Jim plans to retire soon and she will be joining him in retirement. And, she gets to step into a new role — that of grandmother to Witt. I know that you will join me as we give thanks for her years of service to this church. Please be in prayer for your Staff-Parish Relations team as they help provide new leadership to our young children.

Breathe Peace,

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Jennifer’s Letter of Resignation

Dear Church Family,

I am wrapping up my 22nd year of being your director for the Methodist Day School. The job change I made back in 1997 turned out to be my “accidental” long-time career! I sometimes find that hard to believe as I assumed I would eventually go back to my first love, teaching, once both my kids were in elementary school. Then, it was when my youngest went to middle school. Then, it was when they both were in high school. Then, when they left for college. Every year, I found more and more reasons to stay at the Methodist Day School. There is so much of me wrapped up in the Day School! My relationship with church and school staff, parents, and children has driven me year after year after year to answer and reaffirm my calling. Until recently, I could never reconcile that the time for a move was right. I couldn’t imagine leaving “my people!” I couldn’t imagine anyone else sitting at my desk or planning programming or unloading children at my carpool post greeting each child by name.
Recently, many things have come together to solidify that it is time for me to say good-bye to my beloved Methodist Day School. Following the completion of the school year, I will be joining Jim in retirement and we are both looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. I am also able to commit to support the new leadership into the next school year in whatever capacity is needed as my dream for the future of MDS is to continue its long-standing dedication to our community’s children. In other words, you will be seeing me around!
The Staff Parish Relations Committee of our church, our Senior Pastor Marty Vershel and I are already engaged in the selection process for my replacement. Rest assured, the new director will share the core values of this vital ministry…right down to calling each child by name! 
Thank you to the hundreds of families who entrusted their children to the Day School under my watch. Thank you to the Church for being supportive of the Day School ministry year after year after year. Thank you ALL for allowing me the opportunity to serve Him through my life’s work.



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