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Moments 2015-3

I have learned that life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but of moments: the moment you got into the school you wanted, the moment you got a job or the moment you lost your job, the moment you fell in love and the moment you became a parent. Life is full of moments and a moment can change your life . . . and Christmas is about the moment when God breaks into the story as one of us.

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December 13: A Promise Fulfilled
God isn’t afraid to go big. Just take a peek at the stars tonight if you need more proof. But even in His grandness, God wants all of us to experience Him on a smaller and much more personal level. Today, we will review the story of Simeon . . . a man who comes face-to-face with an ancient promise fulfilled through Jesus.

December 20: A Promise Received
The birth of Jesus changes everything. It’s no wonder we celebrate it in such a big way. But for a few blessed folks, He was changing them even before He was born. On this Sunday, we look at another pregnant woman and her husband and the promise that they received.

December 24: The Moment
How do you bring something new to the Christmas story? Do you even need to? So much awe, wonder, and praise is wrapped into the twenty history-changing verses in Luke. They are timeless. The joy of the angels, the shock to the shepherds, the love of the holy family. But perhaps the greatest thing of all: God was always on the move to bring us Jesus, and God is still on the move in the world today. Karl Barth wrote of the incarnation, not just that Emmanuel means “God with us,” but also that “God does not want to be without us.”

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