The Lord’s Prayer


Vincent Furnier has been called the godfather of shock-rock, mixing elements of horror movies into acts that have included a disturbing collection of guillotines, fake blood, baby dolls and boa constrictors. Both his father and grandfather were pastors and evangelists. He grew up in the church and, as a kid, thought church was fun.

When the Beatles invaded the American music scene in the ’60s, Furnier was captivated and formed a band called The Spiders among his classmates, mimicking the Beatles’ style. After a couple of years recording songs, he realized something was missing from the rock scene.

He realized that there were no villains in rock and roll, so he decided to create the ultimate villain. And Alice Cooper was born. He appeared on the stage as a debased female killer wearing tattered women’s clothing, with smeared deep, dark black eyeliner on his face.

alice-cooperAt first, Cooper didn’t think playing the role of a villain on stage would affect his faith but over time, Cooper began to drift away from God. He began living a destructive lifestyle and eventually left his Christian roots far behind. He became an alcoholic and when he hit rock bottom, he checked himself into a rehab center. While in rehab, Cooper was forced to re-evaluate his faith and finally decided he had a choice to make. Like the prodigal son, he chose to return home.

And while I was never a big fan of Alice Cooper’s music, I do have to say that he understands just how revolutionary the red-letters of Jesus really are. I love how he says it, “Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion.

Who would have “thunk” that Alice Cooper would become part of the revolution? But isn’t that what the leader of the revolution does? Jesus transforms hearts. And if Jesus can change the godfather of shock-rock, He can change you and me…

Join the Revolution today!

Breathe Peace,

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