Thank You For Continuing to Give

Following Summer Arts Camp, I’ve asked Matthew Robinson to compose this most recent finance letter. Your contributions have made some amazing things happen in worship at FUMCMC. Take a moment and read what Matt says about your contributions.

Breathe Peace,

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Dear Congregation,

Some twenty-five years ago, I shared an exercise with the staff at another church. We were restructuring the worship services and I wanted the staff to work through what changes we might make. I asked them, “Describe to me something you remember from worship in your faith journey . . . something that you can vividly recall as meaningful in worship.”

For the next few minutes, each person talked of various church experiences. Overwhelmingly, these pastors and lay staff had a connecting motif — almost all recalled specific musical elements that had shaped their faith. It was an important realization. This led us to include more singing and musical elements (music under prayers, responses, sung liturgy) in our services. Feedback from the congregation confirmed that these changes were meaningful and important.

Consider the amount of music in our lives. We hear music playing from elevators to movies. Supermarkets play classic rock so that you have something to sing along to while shopping. There is even music piped into the restrooms at restaurants. Even as I sit here typing this letter, I have music playing on my iPad. I cannot image what worship would be like with no music. It is essential to what we do at FUMCMC. Your giving supports our weekly music needs. As we know in our world, everything is an expense. Did you know . . .

– the cost of a new anthem for the Chancel Choir is about $80? – the cost of one handbell piece is about $65?

– the cost of tuning a piano is about $175? tuning a pipe organ is over $1000?

– providing resources for a band is about $15 for a new song?

– an instrumental or orchestral ensemble can cost many thousands of dollars?


Our music ministry also wants to thank you for partnering with us so far in 2018. Your gifts have made music possible. Some of the things that your contributions have supported:

– We have ensembles that lead worship every service each week.

– Our choir provided grand-scale music for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

– Our choir sang at the Texas Annual Conference, combining with two other United Methodist Churches to provide music for the ordination service.

– We held our second annual Summer Arts Camp in which most of the children weren’t attendees of FUMCMC.


In each instance in 2018 through your consistent giving, we have been able to provide these important musical needs. We are so grateful for your support in what God is doing in and through our church as we continue to show God’s love through music and the arts.

Thank you.

Matthew Robinson

Director of Fine Arts, Music and Communication

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