Team-in-Training 2017


Let me begin with a confession: I don’t like to run unless someone is chasing me. In fact, I have a theory that helps me justify my lack of desire to run. What if God only gives you a certain number of heartbeats for your entire lifetime; why use up a bunch of them running??


All of that changed a little over a year ago. I still don’t like running but I started running as a birthday surprise for Jill. Well, one thing led to another and last January I ran my first half-marathon for Team-In-Training, a part of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  Who would have thunk it?

Through that painful experience, I discovered there are some things I dislike even more than running. I dislike that so many people I know and love are losing their fight with blood cancers. In fact, every 10 minutes someone in the US loses their fight with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. I also dislike that every 4 minutes someone new is diagnosed with one of these diseases. But perhaps what I dislike most is that leukemia is the #1 disease-killer of children under 15, and lymphoma is the leading killer of men and women under 35. I tried to remember these numbers last year during every one of my training runs. And when I wanted to quit at the 12.5-mile mark of the 13.1-mile half-marathon, I reminded myself that the pain I was enduring was only a fraction of what someone going through cancer treatments endures.

This year, too many of Jill’s patients have died from leukemia. And I have had to officiate too many funerals for people who lost their lives to blood cancers. Plus we have a number of people dear to us who are still fighting their disease. All of this is to say that I have decided to run the half-marathon again this year for Team-In-Training.

Since I know all the good that LLS does, I feel comfortable running for them and asking you to help me by helping them with a financial commitment. You can make a donation either by giving me a check (made out to LLS) but you might find it easier to go to my fundraising site.

Last year, Jill and I were able to raise just under $3000. I hope we can double or triple that this year!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Oh yeah, I hope you will send me the name of a loved one or friend who has fought the good fight with blood cancer, or someone who is still fighting. I would be honored to put their name on my singlet the day of the race and run either in memory or in honor of them.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Breathe Peace,

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