Superheroes of My Youth


Matt Robinson and I share a similar passion. We love super heroes. We both love that the comic book heroes we grew up with are now coming to the big screen! It just doesn’t get much better than movies about Ironman, The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Captain America and the rest. I guess the fact that these movies are huge successes at the box office gives us some comfort in knowing that we are not the only ones that suffer from this affliction.

I cannot speak for Matt, but when I was a kid these comic book super heroes are the people I wanted to be like; they were the people I wanted to become. After all, what young boy didn’t dream of being faster than a speeding locomotive or weave a web like Spiderman? Who didn’t dream of having the strength of The Hulk or riding the cosmic wave of the universe? But for me, having their super powers wasn’t the only reason why I wanted to be like these heroes.

The super heroes of my youth did more than just talk about fighting crime. They did more than sit around the League of Justice table and talk about stomping out injustice and oppression; they did more than just vow to stand for truth, justice and the American way. They used their powers, their talents and their gifts to fight crime and defeat evil. All of them did more than just talk the talk, they walked the walk. They were all people of action.

The Gospel of Mark tells us tells about the day when Jesus compared His disciples to King David’s mighty warriors. When I hear the story found in Mark 2:23-26, I like to think that by making this comparison, Jesus is really calling His disciples super heroes! I love that because if He sees them as super heroes then maybe, He sees me and you the same way.

I like to think when we, like the disciples, choose to abandon our own life and follow Jesus, then He see us as true super heroes. And while that is way cool, there is this catch. You see, along with the thrill of being called super heroes comes great responsibility. We are to live like a super hero; we are to live like one of David’s mighty warriors. After all, that is how Jesus sees us. Isn’t it about time we see ourselves that way too?

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