Summer of Love


During the summer of 1967, a social phenomenon began in a neighborhood in San Francisco when 100,000 people came together for a gathering that was called the Summer of Love. This counterculture movement became a defining moment of the 1960s which had “ordinary citizens” beginning to question everything and anything about who they were. They came together to look for meaning and purpose. They gathered looking for love and acceptance anywhere and any way they could find it.

In some ways, that’s why we gather here. Aren’t many of us searching for meaning and purpose? If we are honest with ourselves, don’t many of us have this deep longing for love and acceptance? People gathered in San Francisco looking; we gather here looking. Followers of Jesus in the 1st century were looking for the same thing.

I think that is why John wrote his letters to the churches of his day. The people he loved were trying to figure out what it all meant. They were searching to learn and understand who Jesus was and what He meant when He said the two greatest commandments were to love God and one another. Like the people who gathered in San Francisco, they were looking for love and acceptance. After all, isn’t love the compelling force that really draws us together?

During June and July, we are going to gather for our own Summer of Love. We will hear words written a long, long time ago from a place far, far away; but the words still ring true today. We will take some time to explore who Jesus is, and the love God has showered upon us; a love we are called to generously give to others, loving them as we are loved by God. Join us on Sunday mornings for the sermon series as we explore together the first letter of John.

Who knows, maybe we will find what we have been looking for…

Breathe Peace,

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