1130andrew10I recently read a story about a man by the name of Isidore of Seville. He was born sometime in the year 560 and died on April 4, 636. He is probably the last of the ancient Christian philosophers and probably the most learned man of his era and an immeasurably influential instigator of education in the Middle Ages. He was the author of the twenty-volume magnum opus Etymologiae, and an unrelenting compiler of the world’s existing knowledge. It was a bulky book, but jam-packed with useful data. For all his works and efforts, St. Isidore has been chosen to be the patron saint of computer programmers and computer users; recently he was named the patron saint of the Internet.

But what makes a person a saint?  I heard a story about a conversation a minister had with his son after church one Sunday. The minister asked his son what they had talked about in Sunday school. The boy told him that they had talked about saints. The boy looked at his dad and asked, “Dad, what’s a saint?” The minister looked around and pointed at all the stained glass windows that filled the sanctuary…”See those windows? On each window is the face of a saint.” The boy interrupted his dad, “Oh, I understand…saints are what the light shines through.”

Marty Vershel - SOCIAL CARD - 3A saint is simply a person who lets the light and love of God shine through their lives. This morning we remember those saints of the Church that have no special day of their own. For me, this is one of those special times of the year when I take a few moments to remember those “saints” in my own life, those people who have made a mark in my life but who now have a home with God. And I look forward to the day that is promised to us in the Book of Revelation…a new heaven and a new earth where we will all be reunited in love.

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  • Thanks for sharing this message, Marty. Love the wisdom from children. This will be a special All Saints Day for both of us as we will remember the parent who passed this year.

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