Pentecost and Confirmation


Not too long ago I read the transcripts of an interview with Sara Miles. Until I read the transcript, I had no idea who Sara Miles was. But I did learn that she is a former chef who is now a journalist and author. In this interview, Ms. Miles shared the story about her unexpected and inconvenient conversion from an atheist to a Christian.

Ms. Miles was raised as an atheist and she was happily living an “enthusiastically secular life” as a restaurant cook and journalist, indifferent to religion at best. As she says in the prologue to her book, Take This Bread, “I was certainly not interested in becoming a Christian…. Or, as I thought of it rather less politely, a religious nut.”

One Sunday while in San Francisco, she walked by St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church; she made an unlikely choice to enter the sanctuary in the midst of the service. On a whim she responded to the invitation to come forward for communion. When she ate the bread and took a sip of wine she found herself radically transformed. At the age of 46 this was her first communion and it changed everything.

The transformation Ms. Miles experienced is the miracle of Pentecost. You see, Pentecost isn’t just about the “speaking in tongues” part; it is about God’s Spirit and Presence which touches ordinary human beings…and incredible, unexpected things begin to happen.

I hope you plan to join us this Sunday as we worship together in one service (10:30 in the Sanctuary); if you do, I think you will witness a miracle of transformation. Our 2016 Confirmation Class will make their first public profession of their desire to be a follower of Jesus. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this celebration!

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