Passionate Worship


ChoirWe are continuing this week to think about the characteristics that help us to grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus; we are looking at those things we should have tattooed on our hearts. Last week we talked about hospitality and that we need to accept that God loves us unconditionally through Jesus Christ and that He desires to love everyone unconditionally.

Today we are going to think about worship. If hospitality is accepting the love of God in our lives which leads to community, then worship is the response of individuals and the community in which we offer back that love to Him.

Too often we get this wrong. Too often we can easily leave God out of worship. But worship, passionate worship, is all about God. It is life-changing, engaging and authentic. I believe that an hour of passionate worship changes all the other hours of the week. In passionate worship experiences, people don’t merely show up and sit passively in their pews; they are actively engaged, genuinely connected, personally addressed and deeply challenged.

As we talk about what it means to practice Passionate Worship, we are offering you suggested readings and questions for each day of the coming week. I hope you will listen to the sermon, do the readings, answer the questions and see how you can live a life of Passionate Worship.


Monday, September 21 – Psalm 84:1-2

If you could extract all the worship experiences out of your life – sermons, scriptures, hymns, prayers, fellowship – that you have experienced, how would you be different?  How has God used worship to change you and shape you?

Tuesday, September 22 – Luke 10:27

What do you do “for the love of God” as a leader or participant that contributes to worship that is alive, engaging and vital?

Wednesday, September 23 – Psalm 104:33

What is the most common excuse you use for neglecting the worship of God?

Thursday, September 24 – Psalm 100:1-2

What are three things I can do to contribute to passionate worship?

Friday, September 25 – Psalm 118:24

Who can you invite to attend worship with you this week?

Breathe Peace,


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