All You Need Is …

For many orthodox and traditional denominations, the season of Lent is a time of fasting. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, many of the people who are part of these churches abstain from meat, fish, eggs, and fat until Easter Sunday. I am thankful my mom didn’t make us do that! But we did have to give […]

Express Love

Let’s be honest, defining love is not easy. Don’t believe me? Stop reading for a moment, turn to someone, or if you are by yourself, call someone and define love to them. Go ahead, I will wait… It wasn’t that easy was it? Let me help you. Here are some ways some pretty wise kids […]

Post-General Conference Update

As many of you already know, the special called session of General Conference 2019 has come to an end. The delegates passed an amended Traditionalist Plan which means there is no change to the United Methodist Church’s teaching and stance regarding human sexuality. There are portions of the plan which have already been ruled to […]

General Conference 2019

As you might know, delegates from United Methodist Churches across the globe are meeting today thru Tuesday evening in St. Louis. I’d like to speak to you briefly about those activities. First, a little recent history . . . At our most recent General Conference session in 2016, a special commission called The Commission on […]

Experience Grace

As the special session of the General Conference meets in St. Louis, I wonder what would happen if each delegate and bishop would let a simple prayer guide them through every discussion and debate. May the Christ in me see and honor the Christ in you, and the Christ in you see and honor the […]

The Ties That Bind

NOTE: As we approach a called General Conference of the United Methodist Church, I wanted to remind you of an upcoming opportunity to pray for the United Methodist Church on February 20, 2019. I’ve asked Matthew Robinson to let you know more about this event by guest posting on my blog. Breathe Peace, For those […]

Firm Foundation

The problem began in 1173, when a cathedral began a project to build a stand-alone bell tower next door. The tower was to be eight-stories and 185 feet high. They had the drawings, the workers, and the funding. There was only one little problem the church had not considered. You see, the ground on which […]