Good Work

I have heard Paul’s Letter to the Philippians described as a love letter. And when you read the first few verses, it is easy to see why. “Paul and Timothy, slaves of Jesus the Anointed One, greet you, our friends in Philippi—those set apart by Jesus the Anointed—and we greet the elders and deacons who […]

An Update on Eddie

The process for ordination in the United Methodist Church is a long and difficult one.  It requires not only a seminary education but also many interviews and tests along the way. This past week, Eddie Hilliard, had his final interview on his way to ordination as an elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the […]


Water is one of the most powerful images found throughout the Bible. In the beginning, God’s Spirit hovered over the waters as creation began. Abraham swears an oath to Abimelech at the well of Beer-Sheba; God causes a spring of water to gush out for Hagar and Ishmael; God parts the waters of the Red […]


The Book of Exodus tells us how Moses was sent by God to Egypt to lead God’s people out of slavery and oppression. A very hesitant Moses obeyed and left the comfort of his home to challenge the Pharaoh face-to-face and toe-to-toe. When the Pharaoh refused to let the people go, the stage was set […]

Feast of Trumpets

Each year on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish people have a custom known as tashlich. Through this ritual, the Jewish people not only express their desire to be free from sin but also hope that they will be forgiven for past misdeeds. It is customary to go to a flowing body of […]


If you were to trace the history of the Hebrew people, I think you would discover that it is one with many twists and turns, ups and downs. From Abraham’s step of faith to Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, from Joshua’s leading the people into the Promised Land to David returning the Ark to […]