Our Beloved Mets

Yes, I know that my beloved Mets gave away the World Series this past week. But I have been a Mets fan my whole life and will be until my dying breath. When I realized my dad would never be part of my life, the Mets became the constant in my life. My dad might have abandoned me (I believed God did as well), but I knew the Mets would always be there for me. From February to September (and maybe even October), they would be there for me . . . rain or shine, win or lose.

I guess I passed this love for baseball on to my boys. Connor is my die-hard Astros fans while Zach bleeds the same Blue and Orange that I do. I am thankful that both boys understood how baseball would be a bond that would always keep us together. I think Zach might have said it best in his Instagram feed last night after the Mets collapse . . . I will take this Post by Zach over any World Series win.

Breathe Peace,

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Marty and Zach

“Above is a photo of my Dadda and me trying to rally the Mets in Minute Maid park in 2009. My oh my, how the years have flown by. After some pretty good Met teams from 2006-2008, no way would I have thought the next time we made the playoffs would be 2015. So much has changed since then. I’ve gone through years and years of utter despair. Whether it be from the Aggies or the Mets or even high school baseball, I’ve seen a lot of losing in my day. Losing, that makes a young kid like I was grow up and mature much quicker than any parent would want. That picture in many ways was the start of it all. Back in those days, I truly believed I could will the Mets to win, just because I wanted it that badly. But really ever since Beltran’s locked up knees/the 2007 and 2008 collapse, I’ve lost that childlike hope. That belief that we could win. The belief that I would ever cheer on a winning team. Gone. So much had changed. One thing never did, My dad and I’s never ending talk about the Mets. Texts, phone calls, conversations, I always had a person to wallow in my misery with. The 2015 New York Mets showed me a lot of things. They gave me hope. Belief again. They showed me there is nothing wrong for a boy to dream big. There is nothing wrong with believing, hoping, no matter how slim the chance. I believed. I hoped. And although we lost, I will never stop believing, never stop hoping that one day, we will be World Series champs. No longer do I care about people calling me the crazy homer. I belief in the Aggies, I believe we will win the SEC this year. I believe in the Mets, I believe our rotation will carry us into many World Series’s to come. But regardless of what happens, this team means more to me then any sports team could because they are the team that brought me and my dad so close. Win or lose, The Mets will always have a special place in my heart.”

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  • What a great post, Marty! I thought of you all weekend. My son and I share the same love for the NY Giants that you and Zach share for the Mets. It keeps us in close contact in a special way.

    There is nothing like a bond with your son or daughter as you well know! Get ’em next year when Wheeler comes back!

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