The philosopher Frederick Nietzsche, who popularized the idea that “God is dead,” once said, “If these Christians want me to believe in their god, they’ll have to sing better songs, they’ll have to look more like people who have been saved, they’ll have to wear on their countenance the joy of the beatitudes. I could only believe in a god who dances.” What Nietzsche failed to realize is our God is very much alive and is a God who dances.

A portion of Rublev’s Trinity

There’s a famous painting called “Trinity” by the 14th Century artist Andrei Rublev. It portrays all three persons of the trinity sitting around a table. God the Father is draped in gold, representing his kingship. Jesus the Son is wearing red and blue, colors meant to represent the earth and sky he came to. God the Holy Spirit is in green, symbolizing his involvement as the source of life. They are sharing a common bowl.

As I look at the painting, I get the sense that there is a fourth place at the table, a place that is empty.  And what is so intriguing is that there is a mark in the middle, as if something is missing. I am told that on the original painting there is some glue residue on that empty space.  Art scholars believe the glue was left by something that used to be affixed to the painting. They say the artist glued a mirror to the table. 

The fourth side is vacant because the vacancy is meant to be filled by you. The Spirit is offering an invitation. You are invited to join the dance. God has always existed in an eternal community of love, and he created you to be a part of his love, to join his community. 

Maybe, like me, you’ve spent most of your life avoiding dance floors. However, we have a God who dances, and He is inviting you onto the floor. Maybe if we understand this God of the Dance then we can understand the meaning that is at the core of being of One Mind. If I am even close to being right, then all I have to say is;

It’s time to dance!

Breathe Peace,

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