Upon This Rock - 2

As we move into 2016 and the Re-Launch of First United Methodist Church Missouri City, we have some choices each one of us will have to make. As individuals and as a community, we need to decide whether or not we are willing to be a rock upon which God can use to build His Church.

I doubt whether any of us will ever be Moses, Joshua, Peter, Mary or Paul but God is still counting on us to make ourselves available to be used by Him. Each of us is being called to use the ordinary gifts we might have for the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Last week, Eddie called on each of us to commit ourselves to follow the example of Epaphras. You might remember that Epaphras was a person Paul counted on to be a prayer warrior; to pray for the church, the leaders and the laity. Eddie reminded us that God cannot build His church unless we are willing to be a people who “pray without ceasing.”

In worship on Sunday, January 24, we will encounter another unsung and unlikely hero of the early church, Onesimus. Onesimus was a runaway slave. His name meant “useful” but he had proven “useless” to his master, Philemon. When Paul introduced Onesimus to Jesus, everything changed. In fact, things changed so much that Paul commended him as a faithful and dearly loved brother. Paul even added that “he is one of you” to make sure the church folks would know that Onesimus was a changed man. Onesimus finally lived up to his name and became “useful” rather than “useless.”

We might be able to learn from this former slave. Too many of us are not living up to the name “Jesus follower” or “disciple.” It’s time for us to allow the Gospel to make us useful servants in the Kingdom of God. When we use our gifts, God can build His church upon us.

Don’t forget the Quarterly Conference tonight beginning at 5:30 with a light dinner. The meeting will start around 6:00 pm.

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