I heard a story about this guy, an avid golfer, who played a round or two of golf at least five days a week. One day his wife, tired of being a golf widow, insisted that her husband teach her how to play the game. After weeks of bickering back and forth, the husband gave in and took her to the course.

As they drove to the 1st tee, the husband explained to his wife that she would play from the red tees while he would play from the blue tees. The wife dropped him off at the blue tee and continued on to the red tee. She watched intently as her husband placed his ball on the tee and took his practice swings. The husband lined up and took a swing at the ball. But rather than go straight down the fairway, he hooked it. The ball struck the wife in her head, killing her instantly.

The police came to investigate, and as the chief detective examined the body, he looked at the husband and said, “It’s the strangest thing I have ever seen. There’s an imprint on her temple, and you can read Titleist 1.” “That was my ball,” the guy said. “Well, what I don’t understand,” the detective continued, “is the one on her hip that says Titleist 3.” “Oh,” the guy replied, “that was my mulligan.”

A mulligan, as defined by Webster, is a free shot sometimes given a golfer when the previous shot was poorly played. While God gives us mulligans (grace), the world isn’t always as generous and grace-filled. This year, The Covenant Cup is offering you a mulligan. If you missed last year’s Cup or the year before or the year before that, you are invited to come and be part of this year’s event. In fact, I hope all of you will take part in this day of fun and fellowship.

You can play on a team, donate sleeves of golf balls, donate Silent Auction items, buy tickets to the Banquet or volunteer to help out that day. But if you were to ask me what would really help? You can be a sponsor or get a local business to sponsor one. The details are on our website. Because of the generosity of the you and our community, The Covenant Cup has donated over $100,000 toward the reduction of our debt. Let’s make this year the best ever; we can with your help!

Breathe Peace,

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