I saw this story on the internet (so it has to be true, right?) about this retired guy in Florida who was a golf addict. According to the story, he played 5-6 times a week, rain or shine. It seems that the wife grew tired of being a golf widow, so she begged her husband to teach her how to play. And because she was relentless in her asking, the husband finally agreed to teach her.

When they reached the 1st tee, the husband instructed his wife to take the cart and watch his swing from the women’s tee. He tees up his ball, swings, and the ball hooks, hitting his wife in the head and killing her. The police are questioning the husband when the coroner comes over and makes an initial report. “It’s the strangest thing I have ever seen,” the coroner reports. “There is an imprint on her temple that clearly reads, ‘Titleist 1.’” The husband claims that ball as the one that hit her. “What I don’t understand,” the coroner continued, “is the one on her hip that says Titleist 3.” “Oh,” the guy replied, “that was my mulligan.”

golfer holding head

In case you have no idea what a mulligan is, let me try to explain. A mulligan is that opportunity to take another shot, without the 1st shot counting. Growing up, before I knew what a mulligan was, we called it a do-over. A mulligan is that opportunity to do it right, to have a second chance, and a clean slate. Somewhere in that explanation, there has to be a sermon. But I think I will reserve that for another day.

However, on September 28th, at the Ninth Annual Covenant Cup, you will be able to buy a mulligan or two to use as you play a round of golf. But wait…there’s more…you will be able to enjoy an incredible banquet, bid on silent auction items, participate in the live auction, and enter for a chance to win a new TV! Every dime raised will help FUMC Missouri City retire our debt!

Please, no hooks or slices this year! Together we can make this Cup the best!

Breathe Peace,

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