Missing Pieces


Years ago, an older gentleman who was chatting with me said something I will never forget. With a tinge of sadness, he said, “I feel like there are parts of myself that have been lost along the way, and I don’t know if I can go back and find them again.” Even way back then, I knew exactly what he was talking about. And lately, it seems to be even more true as I think about the parts of my life that have been lost along the way. Some of the losses are fairly recent, while others are from long ago, but never forgotten.

I imagine that the words of this man resonate with many of you as well. I imagine that you can probably name parts of yourself that have been lost along the way. Like my lost parts, some of them may be from recent wounds, while others are scarred memories. And while I cannot speak for you, there are those haunting questions that echo in my heart: Can I find the lost parts of myself? Can I become whole again?

Sometimes we lose parts of ourselves to grief and sorrow when life becomes overwhelming and confusing, to the pain and wounds of life, to circumstances that are nobody’s fault, and sometimes to the choices we’ve made. Sometimes we lose ourselves to fear, anger, and jealousy, while wanting to be right more than doing right, We make judgement of others, refusing to forgive. Sometimes the lost part of ourselves is faith, hope, a dream. It is so easy to lose a piece of ourselves and it can happen in a thousand different ways.

Being lost, then being found. This is the very core of the Gospel. You see, the Gospel of Jesus is not about making bad people good. It is about bringing people back to life. It is about you and me, finding those parts of our lives that might have been lost so that we might be whole. It is about tasting the abundant life that is promised by Jesus.

I want to thank the Bishop, my DS, the staff, and you for allowing me time off to have the opportunity to find some of my missing pieces. I hope you will pray for me as I walk this path to wholeness.

Breathe Peace,

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