Marty And Jill Are Moving . . . Wait, It’s Not What You Think!


If you drive by our house on Carnoustie Dr. in Quail Valley, you might notice a “For Sale” sign in our front yard. And while some of you might get your hopes up that a pastoral change is coming to First United Methodist Church Missouri City, change is not coming. Jill and I have no plans on moving churches any time soon.

However, we are planning to move inside the loop. For the past few months, we have been looking at homes and have found a place we love. We have a number of reasons for making this move:

• Since we have a housing allowance, this is the first and perhaps only time that we can live somewhere close to the medical center. Jill has endured long drives since we have been married and I would love to make it easy on her. My drive will not be bad since the whole way is pretty much against traffic. When we moved to the Missouri City church, the Bishop told me we could stay in Greenwood, which is about 12 miles from the church; the place we are looking at is about 15 miles away. Kind of odd to think I can move inside the loop and be just a bit farther in distance.

• It is also our hope that if Connor chooses to go to medical school in Houston, moving into town will entice him to live with us for the first year. Of course, we are letting him makes his own decision but nothing would make us happier than to have him live with us next year.

• Finally, we both have always wanted to live inside the loop and this seems to be the perfect opportunity for us. Plus, we believe that the places we are looking at will be a great investment for our future. It is now a buyers’ market in an area that will once again explode once the oil prices come back to their normal levels.

I hope you will help squelch any rumors that you might hear when the word gets out about our upcoming move; we are not moving churches! Thank you for the love and support you give to Jill and me. I am honored to be your pastor for another year!

Breathe Peace,

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