Love Like Jesus


Over the years, scientific study has shown that the human brain expresses only a handful of basic emotions. Some studies show as many as eleven basic emotions to as few as four. The folks who study these sorts of things claim all other emotions find their roots in one of these basic emotions. I did find one study that discovered that we don’t have eleven or six or four basic emotions; this study claims that the human brain can only express two emotions. From the basic emotions of Love we experience compassion, joy, bliss and amazement to name a few. And from Fear we feel tension, sadness, stress and pain among others.

There are a number of reasons I buy into this study. I believe God did wire in us the two basic emotions of Love and Fear. But I also believe that when God placed us in the Garden, He had hoped the basic emotion of fear would lie dormant; after all, He placed His greatest creations in a place where they didn’t need to experience fear or any of its corresponding emotions.

As you might remember, things didn’t work out the way God had hoped and Fear didn’t remain dormant. So in the greatest act of love and sacrifice, God sent Jesus to show us a better way to live. And through His words and actions, Jesus taught us the way God had intended for us to live. You see, Jesus lived His life choosing to act and respond out of Love not Fear.

As followers of Jesus we are called to live like He lived, choosing Love over Fear. In this teaching series, we will work through what it means to choose Love on a daily basis. Together we will learn what it means to LOVE LIKE JESUS.

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