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Greetings. Our Associate Pastor, Rev. Rusty Young is the guest blogger on my blogpost today. I’ll look for you at Fall Festival and on Sunday!

Breathe Peace,

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Like many of you, my life is busy. As you can imagine, between martial arts, destination imagination, dance, piano, baseball, and schoolwork, my three daughters have busy schedules as well. My wife works full time and is the driver to all of these enriching activities for our kids. Between all of this we have a household to keep up, a yard to make beautiful and relationships with family, friends and neighbors to maintain. We also have to find time to breathe, so we plan vacations and down time.

REV.RUSTY-YOUNG-2018With all of these things to do, where does church fit in? Like most of you, my family finds rest and rejuvenation when we go to church. In the church, we build relationships that make a real impact on our lives and in the lives of our children. As all of the activities tug us in different directions we have to prioritize. We examine our lives and we look to our needs and our desires and make choices. For our family, church is one of our priorities.

In the same way as we examine our time, we have to examine our finances. Where do we spend our money in ways that can meet our needs and desires? We prioritize. These next two weeks we will be talking about financial giving to the church. Like many of you, my family has been blessed through the relationships and ministry of FUMCMC. We also believe that the church is not only important for our family, but the message of Jesus Christ that it provides to our city and the larger world is worth our investment. The church needs our financial gift to serve each of us and our families, as well as to reach out to our community and beyond.

I hope you will make it a priority to join us in worship the next two Sundays to celebrate the work and ministry God is doing among us at FUMCMC and commit to your investment in our future in ministry together.

God Bless, Rusty

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