July Financials for FUMCMC


Following our summer youth mission trips and events, I’ve asked Kemble Witt to compose the finance letter for July. Your contributions have made some amazing things happen in at FUMCMC. Take a moment and read what Kemble says about how your contributions have made a difference.

Breathe Peace,

Dear Congregation,

Some of you may already know who I am, or have seen my face a few times in our Unified worship services. I am the “new-ish” Youth Director and Open Skies worship leader!

This summer was especially exciting, filled with fellowship and fun for our youth!  The stand-outs of the summer were the two mission based camps we attended – UM Army and Faith In Action. We had more students attend on scholarship than ever before! Because of this, we saw so many new faces who have never had the opportunity to experience a camp like this and who are so excited to attend next year! I want to share with you the experience of one of our scholarship youth that specifically touched me. This summer’s mission camp was one of the first times she had attended anything with our Youth Group, and only because her parents forced her to attend. She was hesitant because she already felt like an outsider at school, was hiding depression from everyone, and was nervous about people not accepting her. She thought she would spend the week isolated. Her group was assigned to help rebuild a woman’s broken wheelchair ramp. This woman had not left her house in five years. The last night of camp, during Share Time, our camper told us about when the woman came outside of her home for the first time, and the joy that filled her face; she couldn’t help but identify with her. The acceptance she experienced at camp through fellowship and worship opened her eyes to God in a completely new way and renewed a relationship with Him that she thought was lost. Because of your contributions, we are able to give students like this the opportunity to grow in their spiritual walk and experience God in unique and challenging ways. I would love the opportunity to offer even more scholarships next year, or add additional camps to help our Youth keep their focus on God throughout the summer through these wonderful discipleship opportunities.


One of the joys of my dual position at the church is not only to disciple the Youth of the church, but also to share the worship experience with many of them as they attend Open Skies. As worship leader for Open Skies, my charge is to enhance a high quality and meaningful worship experience for all who prefer a more contemporary worship experience or those who don’t feel at home in a traditional worship environment. Up until recently, many commented that our worship space felt like more like a fellowship hall that is sometimes used for worship, as opposed to a worship space that is sometimes used for fellowship. To improve the Open Skies experience we have completed Phase One of physical changes to the space, which included new paint, stage design and window coverings. We would like to implement Phase Two, which will include new carpeting, chairs and lighting, as well as a hospitality “coffee lounge” to encourage fellowship before and after services. In addition to the physical improvements to the space, my goal as Worship Leader has also been to improve the music and production of the worship service by consistently adding new songs each month and integrating fresh faces into our band. All of which is creating a growing, meaningful and unique worship experience for the non-traditionalists.

Mission-based camps make a difference in the lives of our youth. Open Skies makes a difference in the lives of those who desire a contemporary worship experience. YOU also make a difference through your prayers and faithful giving that continue to change lives. Thank you for your continued support in growing our Youth ministries and worship services!

Thank you.
Kemble Witt
Director of Youth Ministries and Open Skies Music







Did you know that you can give online? There are many ways you can make quick contributions or catch up on your annual pledge. We even have a text-to-give option. For all of these new ways to financially support the ministries of FUMCMC, click HERE.

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