Book of 1 Samuel

There is this great story buried in the Old Testament Book of Samuel about a young man named Jonathan, the son of King Saul. Because his dad wasn’t doing what God wanted him to do, Jonathan made the decision to do the “right” thing.

One day, Jonathan woke up his armor bearer with a great idea. The two of them were facing an encounter with some 1000 Philistines, and Jonathan’s great idea was to begin an attack on them. Imagine that, two guys against 1000 skilled warriors. I love how Jonathan stated it,

Come; let’s go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the LORD will act on our behalf. You see, Jonathan understood that not everything in life is guaranteed. He knew that there are some things you can know and some things you won’t know. He knew that his God was powerful enough to get the job done, even if the numbers were 2 against 1000. So, he said, Hey, let’s go pick a fight. Maybe God will help.

The only thing that mattered to Jonathan was to be aligned with God’s purpose. He understood that to align with God meant to have a life full of uncertainties. Oh, to be like Jonathan!! To be able to step out with that kind of faith, to be able to have total confidence in God in the midst of uncertainty and to step out in faith without a promise of personal success. That is the faith I want to have. But all too often I find myself holding back and waiting to know for sure before making a move.

No more for me though. I am going to be like Jonathan. I am going to simply trust God even when I am not sure. I am going to step out even without any guarantees. As we move towards 2020, I want to lead our Church with courage and confidence, even when it might seem that the odds are against us! I want our church to make an impact in our community and in the Kingdom of God.

Yep, I want to be like Jonathan. Wanna join me?? Hey, I have an idea!! Let’s be the church we are called to be and maybe God will show up!!

Breathe Peace,

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