In the Face of Tragedy: A Prayer for Others

A Prayer for Others from Rev. Marty Vershel

In the Face of Tragedy:

A Prayer for Others

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen tragedies affect our neighbors in Southeast Texas and Louisiana as well as our brothers and sisters in Brussels. Lives have been lost, people injured and property destroyed by natural events and the evil action of humans.

I ask you to take a moment and offer a prayer for those affected by floods and terrorism. I know sometimes words are hard to come by, so maybe this prayer will be a good beginning:

Lord, we pray for those who have been devastated by recent tragedies. We remember those who have lost their lives so suddenly. We hold in our hearts the families forever changed by grief and loss. Bring them consolation and comfort. Surround them with our prayers for strength. Bless those who have survived and heal their memories of trauma and devastation. May they have the courage to face the days ahead.

Help us to respond with generosity in prayer, in assistance, and in comfort to the best of our abilities. Keep our hearts focused on the needs of all the community. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you would like to help in the flood relief, please contact Eddie Hilliard at ehilliard@fumcmc.org

May God bless you and keep you . . .

Breathe Peace,

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