If you have a map of Australia, it’s wrong.  The whole country is going to officially relocate to correct the error. Why? Australia is moving. This isn’t so surprising; after all, every single continent is on the move. Australia was once connected to both India and Antarctica, finally breaking away from the former 100 million years ago and the latter 45 million years ago. And of all the continents, Australia is the fastest moving. By geological standards it’s practically flying: about 2.7 inches northward a year, with a slight clockwise rotation as well.

People on the ground may not notice, but the Global Positioning System does. So, Australia needs to adjust its longitudes and latitudes so they line up with GPS coordinates. Four times in the last 50 years, Australia has reset the official coordinates of everything in the country to make them more accurate, correcting for other sources of error as well as continental drift. The last adjustment, in 1994, was a doozy: about 656 feet, enough to give the delivery driver an alibi for ringing your neighbor’s doorbell instead of yours.

You know, everything on earth changes, including the continents. That is why it is so important that the disciple John and King David both remind us that God doesn’t change. And while we might need to adjust our GPS account for moving geological conditions, God never has to adjust His GPS. You see, there is the reminder John and David give to us: our never-changing God always finds us.

No matter how lost we might become and no matter how alone and isolated we might feel, our God knows right where we are. He knows when we stand up and when we sit down. He knows our innermost thoughts and the words we are going to say before we say them. The bottom line is that God knows everything about us and still loves us. And that, beloved, is never changing…

Breathe Peace,

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