Forgetting the Past . . . Looking Forward

FollowthroughI am guilty of one of the major “no-no’s” you can commit on the golf course. While playing golf, I have a pretty good memory, which I hear is a bad thing. I have been taught to be a good golfer, you have to be able to forget. You see, the idea is to forget the bad shot you just hit. You are supposed to approach each shot as a new shot, unrelated to the previous bad shot. In fact, I had one friend teach me that rather than think of the bad shot I just hit, remember a great shot from the past. He calls this skill, selective amnesia. Bryan claimed that practicing this will trigger a positive memory, and give you a good vibe. He claims you will be calmer, more relaxed, and more likely to hit a good shot! I recently heard an ESPN guy claim that one of the things that makes Jordan Spieth such a good golfer is his ability to use this selective amnesia.

I believe that if golf would have been around in the first century, the Apostle Paul would have found a way to include it in some of the letters he wrote. After all, he used sports analogies numerous times in his writings. He compared faith to running track and even managed to use boxing as an illustration. In fact, he told the church in Philippi about the power and importance of this idea of selective amnesia in the faith and in life.

After explaining his goal of experiencing the power and presence of Jesus Christ in a fresh and life-transforming way, he went on to write these words, “Forgetting the past . . . looking forward to what lies ahead . . . press on . . . to win the prize.” Isn’t that the key to golf, playing one shot at a time? Hmm, also sounds like pretty good advice as the key to life. . .

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