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Firm-Foundations-2019-5 2The problem began in 1173, when a cathedral began a project to build a stand-alone bell tower next door. The tower was to be eight-stories and 185 feet high. They had the drawings, the workers, and the funding. There was only one little problem the church had not considered. You see, the ground on which they wanted to build the tower was too soft, and too sandy. They had designed the foundation to be too shallow to hold the nearly 15,000 metric tons structure. Because of the foundation issue, the tower leans and is more than 5 meters off perpendicularly.


The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is the perfect example of the importance of A Firm Foundation. The people who plan and build tall buildings and skyscrapers today have learned the importance of the foundation as well as strong foundation anchors driven deep into the ground to ensure the stability of the building. Peter Scazzero, a pastor in New York City, compares the importance of the foundation and those strong foundation anchors to his own life. He states that unless he has a strong foundation and anchors, the “…above-the-surface levels of my life and leadership remain vulnerable.” He sums it all up with these words, “What I needed was a deep foundation.”

For the next 3 weeks, our focus in worship will be what it takes to build an above-the-surface life that can withstand whatever is going on in this world. It begins with the foundation which is Jesus (1 Corinthians 3:11). Each week, we will take some time to explore and make sure the three essential anchor points are buried deep into this Foundation.

Explore Truth: February 17
No matter where you fall on the spiritual map or how long you’ve been on your journey, God wants you to keep digging, questioning and investigating truth because He knows it ultimately gives your faith a solid foundation

Experience Grace: February 24
This is where the head stuff meets the heart stuff. This is where the truth of scripture becomes personal. For us, it all boils down to grace. When each of us gets to the point where we realize God has called us by name into His story through Jesus, by grace, we’re changed.

Express Love: March 3
A faith rooted in truth and drenched in grace is lived out through extravagant expressions of love for others. A desire to serve pours out of a transformed heart. Jesus himself was a servant, and we are called to do no less.


On February 17 and 24, Marty will be preaching in the Chapel (8:00 AM) and Open Skies (10:30 AM) worship services.

On February 17 and 24, Barbara will be preaching in the Sanctuary (10:30 AM) worship service.


I’ve decided to give some focused attention to the worship services and I’m beginning that time in Open Skies for the next two Sundays. I will be preaching there and Rev. Barbara Robberson will preach in the Sanctuary. I will preach the Chapel worship service.

On March 3, the entire church will gather as one in the Sanctuary at 10:30 AM. This will be the Sunday following the called General Conference of The United Methodist Church. Make plans to join us in worship for this entire sermon series and especially on March 3, 2019.

Breathe Peace,

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