Falls Hurt

I had not been on my bike for quite a few weeks, so I was looking forward to a good ride on Saturday morning. Maybe it is the feeling of freedom or the wind in my face, but for some reason, the stresses of life seem to disappear for those few moments I am riding on the bike trails and roads of Houston. Like I said, I was looking forward to our Saturday morning ride.

The first 16 miles or so were everything I had hoped for. But at mile 16.5, I learneMarty's Bike Accident Sitea valuable lesson. If the front tire of your bike gets stuck in a groove, there is a good chance that instead of feeling the wind on your face, you might feel your body on the asphalt! Trust me on this one, when that happens, it hurts! And I am still bruised and hurting! But nothing was broken, and the bike is in great shape.

As I shared my experience with my friends, the question was asked time and time again, “So, are you going to quit riding?” If you would have asked me that question five minutes after I hit the ground, I might have given you my bike on the spot. But 15 minutes after the crash, I looked at the pavement and I looked at the bike. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I had to. So, I climbed back on and started the ride home. I wish I could tell you that I made it all the way home, but I didn’t. Jill had to come and rescue me in the Jeep.

You know, whether you ride a bike or not, I imagine we have all been there. We have all fallen in some form or another. And let’s be honest, falls hurt. And when we fall, who really wants to get up and get back on the horse that just kicked us off? It takes courage to overcome fears and past defeats. And, while getting back on a bike is easy, facing our own failures, our own mistakes, our own crashes, is often one of the hardest things we have to do.

But as children of God, we don’t have to get back on the seat by ourselves. We have a God who promises to lift us up, brush us off and steady us as we ride once again. And if we choose to quit, to give up, we will miss the wind on our face and the adventure that is in front of us. 

So next time you fall, get back on the seat, grip the handlebars and push the pedals forward once more. And remember you are not alone!

Breathe Peace,

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