Fall Festival 2016


Do you realize that October is almost over and November is right around the corner? I am sharing this information with you because I know that there are some people who have been so caught up in the elections or too excited about the Cubs playing in the World Series, which you might not have noticed. And November is going to be huge; it would be a disaster if anyone missed it!

I guess you are wondering what makes November such a great month. Well, in addition to our Church Conference (11/7), Election Day (11/8), Veteran’s Day (11/11), Thanksgiving (11/24) and the beginning of Advent (11/27), November is also our FALL FESTIVAL. So mark your calendars now for November 12th! Trust me; this is a day you won’t want to miss!

What is the FALL FESTIVAL? The simple answer is that it is our biggest fundraiser for church improvements and missions. Last year, the FALL FESTIVAL raised and distributed $23,575 to nine (9) beneficiaries plus made a donation to the Table and Chair Fund.  And for all the 21 FALL FESTIVALS that have been held, $338,861.71 have been raised and disbursed.

Make no mistake about it; the FALL FESTIVAL really makes a difference. But there is one important fact you need to know. The FALL FESTIVAL cannot be successful without YOU! There are 350 volunteer shifts we need to fill before the big day! There are jobs ranging from small to large, from chopping celery for the tea room, baking a cake, to donating 2-liter drinks, plus many ways to volunteer on the day of the FALL FESTIVAL. The silent auction committee also needs your help! Please consider donating a new item, a unique “collectible” or a gift card from your favorite restaurant, nail salon etc.

The bottom line is that there is something for anyone and everyone to help. Call the church office with any questions. Oh yeah, one more thing…don’t forget to come out the day of the festival, invite a friend and enjoy the fun!!

Breathe Peace,

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