Facing Forward or Facing Backward

Deck chairs
A common scene in the Peanuts comic strip has Charlie Brown seeking psychiatric advice from Lucy for a nickel. I especially love the one when Lucy teaches Charlie Brown that life is like a deck chair on the cruise ship of life. What you have to decide, Lucy says, is whether you want your deck chair to face backward so you can see where you have been, or if you want your deck chair to face forward so you can see where you are going. Exasperated, Charlie Brown responds, “I’m having trouble just getting my deck chair unfolded!”

First United Methodist Church Missouri City is a church that not only can unfold our deck chairs; we are a church that definitely has our deck chairs facing forward. I am more excited about the future of our church than I can ever remember being about any church’s future. How can I not be excited?

We have taken the first steps to address the cash flow issues with which we are dealing. And we have taken those first steps because so many of our congregation have been generous in their giving. There are many churches in the Texas Annual Conference that might have folded up their deck chairs and given up. Instead of folding up the chairs or simply moving chairs around, you are making sure FUMCMC has a future for our deck chairs to face.

Marty Vershel - SOCIAL CARD - 3Our children’s and student programs are teaching more young people about the love and grace of Jesus. Our Sunday School classes are on the grow, as established classes are rejuvenated and new classes are being started. Our worship attendance is growing and more guests are showing up and checking us out!

Please know that I appreciate all that you guys are doing! Also know that we are continuing to examine ways that we can cut expenses and increase our cash flow without limiting our ability to reach out to the community so that more people will experience the love and grace of Jesus.

I look forward to seeing how God will move through our congregation over the next two to three months. I also look forward to seeing lives changed because folks meet God through the programming and ministries of First United Methodist Church Missouri City.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. . .

Breathe Peace,

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