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I am looking forward to this Sunday’s 10:30 worship service. It is one of those Sundays that helps make all the administrative stuff I do as a pastor worthwhile. You see, this Sunday we will have the honor of affirming 14 young people as they make their public profession to follow Jesus. In addition to the 14 who will make their profession of faith, we will witness God’s grace as three of our young people will be baptized! What a great Sunday this promises to be.

The meaning of confirmation is closely related to that of baptism. Baptism and confirmation are both part of an ongoing, lifelong process of sanctification, whereby we are conformed into the image of Christ. The word “confirmation” literally means “to make firm”.

Quite a few years ago a Confirmation student said something during our confirmation retreat that made me think differently about the Confirmation process.  I don’t remember the subject that we were discussing, but I asked a very simple question, “Why do you think your mentors and I were willing do to this whole confirmation thing for you?” Without hesitation, one of the girls replied, “I know. It’s because you love all of us.”

I know that many folks stay home on Confirmation Sunday for several reasons.

  • Some stay home because they may not know any of the Confirmands.
  • Some choose to stay home because the service will last longer than usual.
  • And some choose to stay home because the 10:30 services are combined.

By choosing NOT to stay home this Sunday, you will be showing our young people that you love them. You will be sending a message that they matter! Through your presence, these young people will understand in a tangible way the love God has for them. And most of all, your hope in the future of the Church will be renewed and refreshed. It doesn’t get any better than this!!

Please take a moment and thank God for these young people who will be making their public profession of faith:

Zachary Luke Boullion

Lennon Micah Calvert

Sarah Ann Conroy

Sean Thomas Conroy

Robert Aulden Juarez

Joanna Lee Lombara

Caroline Elise McKay

Macy Evelyn Mihalick

Audrey Elizabeth Ring

Devin Chadwick Sackman

Mia Ashlan Simpson

Ashley Spiller

Joshua David Starr

Lauren Elizabeth Stevens

Breathe Peace,

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