Child of God


Christian Herter was running hard for reelection as governor of Massachusetts and arrived late one day at a barbecue. He hadn’t eaten anything all day and he was starving. As he moved through the serving line, he held out his plate and received one piece of chicken. The governor said to the server, “Excuse me, do you mind if I get another piece of chicken?? I am very hungry.” The woman serving the chicken replied, “Sorry, I am only allowed to give one piece per person.” “But I’m starved,” pleaded the governor.  Again she replied, “Only one to a customer.” Normally a very modest man, Herter decided this was the time to use the weight of his office. “Madam, do you know who I am?? I am the governor of this state.” The server replied, “Sir, do you know who I am?? I’m the lady in charge of the chicken. Now move along.”

And while that woman knew exactly who she was, I wonder if we sometimes forget who we really are. I wonder if there are those times when you and I forget that we are children of God. I guess that is why I love the letter John writes to us. You see, John wants us to remember the special relationship we have with the

Creator of all that was, is and ever will be.

John tells us to remember the “great love the Father has lavished on us.” Just in case we forget WHO we are and WHOSE we are, this letter reminds us that “we should be called children of God. And that is who we are.” If we live our lives as a people who do truly believe that we are children of God, then our hearts, minds and lives will begin to be transformed. You see, as children of God, people should be able to see Jesus in us.

John writes to the 1st century church and to us, words that should change our lives, “Dear friends, now we are children of God.” Are you living your life as if you truly believe you are a child of God? After all, that is what you are.

Breathe Peace,

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