Breath of God


Somewhere I read that the atoms that are in the air today are the same atoms that were in the air thousands of years ago. Now I don’t fully understand how all of this works, but I think it means that we are breathing the same atoms that have been breathed for thousands of years. WOW!! Imagine what that means – we might be breathing the same air that Michelangelo breathed or George Washington or Moses. We have inhaled the same air as the disciples or Joan of Arc or Martin Luther. Amazing!

But it gets better! The writer of Genesis tells us that when God created humans, His breath gave Adam life! And some of the same atoms that were the breath of God are the same atoms we breathe in. When Jesus lived, he was a human being (however extraordinary) who needed oxygen to live. After His resurrection, Jesus breathed on His disciples. And those atoms are the same atoms we breathe in!


The next time you look at someone and think about the differences between you, remember that: You share the same air. Literally. No matter how unusual you may think someone, no matter how different we all might be, we are breathing the same air. We look into the same sky, depend on the same sun and feel the rain, the cold, the heat. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children. Tall, short, dark, light, wide, narrow, old, young. We all share that one simple, extraordinary thing: air.

Breath. Simple ordinary breath. The breath of God.

Breathe Peace,

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