Our Community is crying out for a church that shares love, grace, and hope. We are called to be generous.

Post-General Conference Update

As many of you already know, the special called session of General Conference 2019 has come to an end. The delegates passed an amended Traditionalist Plan which means there is…


General Conference 2019

As you might know, delegates from United Methodist Churches across the globe are meeting today thru Tuesday evening in St. Louis. I’d like to speak to you briefly about those…


The Ties That Bind

NOTE: As we approach a called General Conference of the United Methodist Church, I wanted to remind you of an upcoming opportunity to pray for the United Methodist Church on…


Firm Foundation

The problem began in 1173, when a cathedral began a project to build a stand-alone bell tower next door. The tower was to be eight-stories and 185 feet high. They…

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L.A. Woman at the Door

Driving down your freeways midnight alleys roam. Cops in cars, the topless bars. Never saw a woman so alone. Motel money murder-madness.


Living by the Sea

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever, said Jacques Yves Cousteau. Occupy McSweeney’s roof party biodiesel letterpress


Quarterly Conference: Way Forward

Many of you are familiar with the struggle happening within the United Methodist Church regarding the Church’s stance on the issue of human sexuality. The struggle to find common ground…


One Mind Sermon Series

During Vacation Bible School, a class was interrupted when a new student was brought in. The little boy had one arm missing, and the teacher was very nervous that one…

Book Chapters

Chicago: Windy City Stories

Try to feel the air of the “windy city” pressing against your face. Many of Chicago’s folklore traditional genres are tied to historical events