An Update on Eddie

The process for ordination in the United Methodist Church is a long and difficult one.  It requires not only a seminary education but also many interviews and tests along the way. This past week, Eddie Hilliard, had his final interview on his way to ordination as an elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Eddie Hilliard-1Eddie sailed through the part of the interview that dealt with his effectiveness of ministry. However, there were areas in the theological part of the interview that didn’t go quite as well.   At the end of the day, the committee thought it was best for Eddie to spend the next year strengthening his ability to articulate the relationship between theology and the practice of ministry. (A “delay” in the process is not an uncommon occurrence.)

Eddie’s standing in the Conference and his appointment remains the same. And throughout the process, the Board of Ordained Ministry (committee of local Methodist clergy) and Cabinet (Bishop and District Superintendents)  have affirmed and continue to affirm Eddie’s effectiveness in ministry. The bottom line is simple: Eddie is still Eddie.

If you have any questions regarding the ordination process, feel free to talk to me, Eddie or Richard Burnham.

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