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For many orthodox and traditional denominations, the season of Lent is a time of fasting. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, many of the people who are part of these churches abstain from meat, fish, eggs, and fat until Easter Sunday. I am thankful my mom didn’t make us do that! But we did have to give up one or two things we enjoyed for Lent. Many people choose to go without chocolate, sodas or alcohol. While others choose to give up TV or all social media. I always give up broccoli. Oh, wait…something I enjoy. I generally give up my Mountain Dew and chocolate.

I will probably still go without my Dew (watch out because I can get grumpy), but this year, I felt as if doing something for myself wasn’t enough. So, I decided that I would put my preaching into action…I will spend Lent…Expressing Love! The guidelines for my Lent are simple:

• One act of love per day.
• It can either big or small, simple or complex.
• It can be for someone I know or for a total stranger.

It is my goal to be a more loving person on Resurrection Sunday than I was on Ash Wednesday. To help me (and you if you join me), I decided to spend five Sundays in Lent teaching and learning about the five different love languages that Gary Smalley writes about in his book, The Five Love Languages. After all, if I am going to become a more loving person, then I have to be able to speak love in the right language!

Imagine what could happen in our families, our church and our community if we all spent Lent doing one act of love per day. I did the math! It would be amazing! We would truly out-love everyone else and the world would notice.

You know, maybe John and Paul were right about this love thing:

March 10: The Right Words

March 17: Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E

March 24: Gifting and Re-Gifting

March 31: It’s Your Serve

April 7: Why We Have Hands

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