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BLOGPOST: Advent Conspiracy

by Marty Vershel

Based on TV commercials that are flooding the airwaves, the emails that are slamming our inboxes and the flyers and catalogs stuffed in our mailboxes, the Christmas season is officially here. And although it seems to kick off this week, it has been building since before Halloween.

And now, here we are, about to enter into the Advent season this coming Sunday and I am already a little worn out by it all. Don’t get me wrong, I love this season more than any other of the church year, but the stress and pressure seems to begin to pile on earlier and earlier every year. I just want to step back and breathe…

I long for the days when Christmas wasn’t about buying a bunch of stuff, cramming our schedules with all sorts of obligations and trying to out-decorate the person next door. I am not sure when it all changed but I miss those simple days and nights.

And because I have missed it, I made a guess that many of you just might miss those days too. That is why we have introduced the Advent Conspiracy movement to First United Methodist Church Missouri City. If you have been with us for any of the past three Sundays, then you probably know the four pillars of the Conspiracy: Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love All. (If you have missed any of these Sundays, you can listen to the podcasts HERE. If you are want to view the children and parents IKEA commercial from Sunday, click HERE.)

This past Sunday, we talked about how we can Give More and Spend Less. We promised to send you an email that might give you some gift ideas that will help you be creative about giving relational gifts of presence. You can see that list HERE on our website. You can also get your creative juices flowing by checking out http://rethinkingchristmas.com/.

We end our Advent Conspiracy series this coming Sunday as we learn what it means to Love All. I hope that you will join me in celebrating Christmas differently this year! If you want to be part of The Conspiracy, text the word “conspiracy” to 41411 or you can email me at mvershel@fumcmc.org.

I believe that over 2000 years ago, Christmas changed the world. And I believe it still can.

Breathe Peace,
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