Radical Hospitality.

Passionate Worship.

Intentional Faith Development.

Risk Taking Mission and Service.

Extravagant Generosity.

These provocative and challenging words found in the book Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations sparked a revival in hundreds of churches. The revival crossed denominational lines as churches implemented these principles and began to understand their mission, renew ministries and become fruitful and vital congregations.

I believe as followers of Jesus these same provocative and challenging words should be evident in our personal lives. In fact, these are so essential to grow in our faith that if we fail to develop and deepen them we are simply going through the motions of being a disciple. These words should be so much a part of who we are that they become marks of Jesus tattooed on our bodies. (Galatians 6:17)

We are beginning a new teaching series, Let’s Get Tattooed: Marked as a Follower of Jesus. I believe if we want to be the followers Jesus calls us to be then we need to strive to incorporate these characteristics into our everyday lives.

As we talk about what it means to practice Radical Hospitality, we are offering you suggested readings and questions for each day of the coming week. I hope you will listen to the sermon, do the readings, answer the questions and see how you can live a life of Radical Hospitality.

Monday, Sept. 14 (Matthew 25: 31-46)
Do you remember walking into FUMC for the very first time? What was it like? Who reached out to you? List them and offer a prayer of thanksgiving for them.

Tuesday, Sept. 15 (Deuteronomy 10:19)
Commit yourself to offer a simple and gracious word of greeting in worship to one person you do not know each week. Pray that God will show you ways to offer them Radical Hospitality.

Wednesday, Sept 16 (I Timothy 6:19)
How is your life enriched by being a disciple of Jesus Christ? What have you received by being a part of the church?

Thursday, Sept. 17 (Matthew 22: 8-9)
Write down the names of three people who do not have a church home. Pray for them daily. Invite them to come to worship with you.

Friday, Sept. 18 (Romans 15:7)
Think about how FUMC reaches out to invite people and welcome guests. Think of ways we could do better.

Breathe Peace,




This Sunday, our beloved Houston Texans kick off their NFL season at noon. Our hometown Houston Astros are in the thick of a run for the pennant. Even Marty’s Mets are on a hot streak! It’s a great time to celebrate and show your support for your school and professional team. If you have a jersey, we invite you wear it to church this Sunday, September 13. If you don’t have a jersey, wear team colors or another type of shirt that shows support for your alma mater or the team you root for.



Even though our these members of our staff have been here for parts of the summer, we haven’t formally welcomed them to MoCity1st. Your Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) will be hosting a formal meet and greet this Sunday, September 13, from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. During this time of light snacks and punch, you will be able to meet Associate Pastor Cathleen Haughton and her husband Sherman and Associate Pastor Eddie Hilliard and his wife Wanda. Stop by briefly following worship and meet our excellent new staff!

Want more information, e-mail us at connections@fumcmc.org.

One thought

  • I saw God today! She was in a wheelchair. I opened the restaurant door for Her and Her husband to exit.The wheelchaired -bound lady pointed with her clenched fist at my red purse. She made guttural sounds and continued to point at the handbag . Her husband said, ” she likes your red purse.” as he past by me. Her eyes were a definite giveaway. After getting my take-out, I noticed her husband had safely placed her in her car seat. Quickly I ran to my car and emptied my bag. As I approached the van, I extended the red purse to her. At first her husband said “no.” He added he was returning her to the nursing home and he continued by saying She does not talk anymore and has no use for a purse. But her eyes were smiling and those guttural sounds came back……maybe a tad bit louder this time……for a second I thought She was actually going to say a word. She beamed with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face as her husband finally took the red purse from me and handed it to her. I returned to my car. All I could think of is how rich I am because God showed me what Radical Hospitality looks like.
    I will forever remember this moment. I saw God today!

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